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Facility Portal Nederland (FPN) values giving back to the community. We try to contribute to a better world as well the health and wellbeing of our community. We do this in several ways, but a few specific examples are:

Sustainable Development Goals

Facility Portal likes to give something back to society. We try to contribute to a better world and the well-being and happiness of our fellow man. We do this in many different ways. To be purposeful, we adhere to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Six of the SDGs were found to be relevant to our services and operations where we can make a difference. We have set long-term ambitions for 2030 and short-term goals. We translate these goals into our policies, processes and initiatives.

Clean drinking water in Gambia

The volunteers of WellHaLo build and maintain sustainable water installations that run on solar energy in Gambia. Their purpose is to ensure that the local community has access to clean and safe drinking water. FPN has supported this charity since it was founded through sponsorships and business advice.

Sponsor a puppy

KNGF Geleidehonden is an organization committed to providing more independence and mobility to people who are blind, have hardly any vision or any other condition which provides limitations. The organization takes care of the entire educational and allocation aspects of the guiding dogs. FPN sponsors a guiding dog for autism, Moody, and a wheelchair guidance dog Rebble.

Transport Development Centre

Stichting Pameijer, one of our biggest customers, expressed a need for more flexibility with regards to the transport of children with a (serious) multiple disabilities. These children are strongly dependent on this transport to get to daily activities and events. FPN found a solution to this by sponsoring a bus in cooperation with Univé.

Outside Art

Gallery Herenplaats, part of Stichting Pameijer, has created an adjusted art program. People with a mental disability or psychiatric background, that are often not admitted to the regular art academy, are able to develop their creative talents here. After a successful completion of the course they become part of the artists’ collective. FPN rents art pieces from this collective which are displayed throughout its headquarters. Facility Portal also presents the artwork frequently to customers and suppliers.

CSR – relation gifts

FPN always gives her customers a relation gift towards the end of the year. Our consultants came up with the idea and initiative to organize a CSR-gift instead. Every customer is given the opportunity to donate towards a specific charity that FPN is already committed to. FPN sets the amount of the donation and each relation is able to choose towards which charity their donation is sent to.

The reactions to this initiative were incredibly positive and on behalf of all of our customers we have been able to donate to WellHaLo, KNGF Geleidehonden and Make-A-Wish!

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