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Fm Portal® = Facility management Portal

As facility manager you are responsible for the support services of a business or organization – everything that does not belong to the core business. For a plumber the accounting would be ‘facility management’ but for an accountant the maintenance of the CV would be ‘facility management’. This way everyone can focus on their job without being distracted by a broken lightbulb or a shrinking supply. A facility manager also focuses on cost efficiency. Facility Portal also adds corporate social responsibility and sustainability to this list.

Efficient purchasing

Via our purchasing platform Fm Portal® we link the possibilities of one to the needs of another. With plenty of effort and time we continuously work on the optimization of this practical network of organizations and suppliers. We find local, regional and national suppliers in order to reduce their amount per organization. With the purchasing volume of all participants together as motivation we are able to close the most beneficial partnership agreements.

Five times expertise

Fm Portal® has five areas of expertise with associated labels. These labels offer you access to all conceivable facility products and services.

Fm Portal Milieu® has all the knowledge and expertise in the field of waste and helps organizations collect and separate waste in the most optimal form.

Due to a large joint purchasing volume, Fm Portal Inkoop® offers the possibility to purchase products and services as optimally as possible, saving time and money.

Fm Portal Schoon® is a unique (management) concept with which we can unburden organizations from A to Z in the field of cleaning.

Fm Portal Security® knows everything about fire and burglary security and manages and organizes this for organizations in an involved and expert manner.

Fm Portal Consultancy® can be used for all large or small facility projects, whether it concerns advice, project guidance or the temporary filling of a position.

For whom?

The Fm Portal® concept is profitable for organization of diverse sizes in the non-profit and profit sectors. Examples of this are:

  • Industry and business compounds
  • Middle sized and small companies
  • Facility management
  • businesses and advisory bureaus
  • purchasers and facility management professionals
  • park managers and organizations
  • shopping malls and furniture stores
  • VvE’s
  • the hospitality industry
  • Associations of Owners
  • Entrepreneurial organizations
  • sport organizations
  • gemeenten en overheidsinstellingen
  • foundations
  • schools and educational institutions
  • municipalities and governmental organizations

Always a custom solution

All of Facility Portal’s services are flexible and custom designed based on the needs. You determine how many aspects you want to hand over. For an impression of the possibilities we have listed the four most common modules within Fm Portal® below:

Our consultant performs interviews within your organization to gain insight into the own facility services, outsourced services, limitations and overhead. Using the results the consultant weighs the pros and the cons and comes up with several custom solutions which he then discusses with the stakeholders. The consultant explains the results and comes up with concrete possibilities that Fm Portal® can provide – as well as possible cost savings and improvement points.

The consultant performs a purchase scan to determine all present facility contracts. Based on these results the consultant can determine the amount of costs that can be saved by contracting our preferred suppliers as well as the improvement of the quality of the services to be delivered. If preferred, the consultant can directly contract preferred suppliers from within our network. We arrange everything and Fm Portal® remains your point of contact.

With a facility subscription Fm Portal® maintains all of your contracts and is the main point of contact for all of your suppliers. You can choose from a variety of subscription forms. In all scenarios our employees will guard your quality requirements and principles via invoice verification.

With this setup the contract management of a facility subscription goes a step further. Fm Portal® takes care of the invoicing procedure based on your wishes. Would you like a specified invoice for all outsourced services per month? Or do you prefer per quarter? Everything is possible.

The advantages

No matter what form of subscription you choose, going into business with Fm Portal® will ensure the sharing of knowledge as well as services that save you considerable costs and time. We like to keep the costs insightful and transparent. Customers who receive more services per location via Facility Portal receive a specified invoice with a total overview of all services.

Meet Facility Portal

We would like to invite you for an introductory meeting. Are you also curious about the possibilities of Fm Portal® for your organization?


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