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Fm Portal® Milieu

Within Fm Portal® Milieu we know everything about the importance and possibilities of sustainable collection and processing of waste and residues. Waste separation plays a bigger role each day in our society. Facility Portal continuously develops itself in the field of Total Waste Management. In price, innovation and sustainability we are separating ourselves from the competition.

Optimizing your waste steams doesn’t just make your organization more sustainable and environmentally friendly, but it also benefits you financially with a saving of 10% on average.

Fm Portal® Milieu We realize sustainability and cost savings for you by:

An elaborate network of waste collectors and processors
Solely work with senior cradle to cradle teams in the waste management field
Independently make the choice for a transporter or waste processor
Avoid transports over (too) large distances
Continually focus on the optimization of re-usable waste
Minimize inflation on prices

We unburden you by:

Providing one point of contact for you
Oversee your waste by keeping registrations up to date and reports
A horizontal organization so that we can aid you more quickly
A waste advisor that has knowledge of the market. This allows us to expand the areas in which we can help you with regards to your waste collection

More on the environmental level

Do you also choose sustainable and CSR options for other aspects of your business? Facility Portal provides many options. Fm Portal®Milieu also advices regarding energy management and savings. Via Fm Portal®Inkoop we can assist you in purchasing ‘green’ energy without incredibly high costs. Sometimes these two go hand in hand.

A large client of ours contacted us for advise regarding energy management. The supplier of green energy turned out to be cheaper than the supplier of ‘gray’ energy. This was very convenient.

Services and products of Fm Portal® Milieu

Industrial waste
Glass waste
Paper waste and archive destruction
Dangerous waste
Roll containers
Deposit containers
Asbestos removal
Construction waste
Waste analysis
Waste management maintenance plan
Sustainable solutions
Total package

Facility Portal first

Of course we lead by example when it comes to sustainable business. We use LED lighting in our office building, use letter paper with the FSC certification and our coffee is fair trade. According to Groen Leasen of the Environmental Agency we only use clean and low emission cars which compensate for the CO2-emission.


Contact us to discuss the possibilities: of +31 (0)71- 331 82 00

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