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Why Fm Portal® Inkoop?

Its not easy to realize more efficient purchasing of products and services within your own organization. Keeping an overview (and maintaining) of the market, comparing suppliers, making precise agreements, it all demands a significant amount of time and attention. Facility Portal would gladly take this task out of your hands.


By bring together interested parties and suppliers in a purchasing platform. Our consultants have the knowledge and experience to make an optimal match.

Save time, money…

The network functions in a very practical manner. The purchasing concept is based on the available purchasing volume of participants in concentrated areas that could be local, regional or national. This results in prominent financial and logistical savings, but also in sustainable solutions.

…and the environment

Many organizations want to become more sustainable, but do not know how. How much does it cost? Where do you find ‘green’ suppliers with the right characteristics? Facility Portal compares many suppliers based on a ‘green’ measuring table and closes framework contracts. This results in considerable savings for customers with regards to purchasing sustainable goods and services.

A custom solution for every organization

Fm Portal® Inkoop is profitable for companies and non-profit organizations of any size. We provide custom innovative solutions which vary from basic purchasing to main contracting.

Among others the following suppliers are member of the network form Fm Portal Inkoop:


Contact us to discuss the possibilities: of +31 (0)71- 331 82 00

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