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Fm Portal® Consultancy

In every organization ideas about new projects exist. Due to the hecticness of day to day business these plans are often not a priority for employees and therefore remain on the drawing board. Through commitment and support of professionals these projects are launched and realized, which provides great added value for the organization. Professional insights and ideas can ensure that something new is started up and the right steps are taken. Fm Portal® Consultancy advises and coordinates based on all possible facility related issues and/or questions – and in turn offer your organization the support needed to optimize your core business.

A smart choice

We have the knowledge, experience and know-how in the industry of facility management, in which an extensive relation and knowledge network is of the utmost importance. Our professionals don’t care whether its about a large moving or renovation project or a short assistance with a relatively simple facility issue/question. We are ready to assist and unburden you and to guide you from beginning until end with your project. We do this by mapping out your wishes and standing by your side throughout the entire process. You will always know where you stand with us because we represent clarity, transparency and progress as well as safeguard the quality and costs.

Single point of contact

To keep it as simple and clear as possible for you, we assign one point of contact to you within our organization. He or she is responsible for your project from the idea to the final delivery. He/she will guide you through the process and keep you informed throughout. After a project is delivered you can still count on us. The (quality) maintenance and management of all your facility services can simply be carried out by one of our other labels with all benefits that come with it.

What can Fm Portal® Consultancy offer you?

We keep an eye on all aspects within a project and serve as the unburdening factor for you within all aspects. A few examples of project types that we can assist you with and with which we have a lot of experience are listed below:

Limited tendering
Stock-taking purchase contracts and optimization
Temporary fulfillment of facility functions (internal)
Support and coordination of your construction, transformation and/or renovation plans
Multi-Year Maintenance Plan (MYMP) setup
Hospitality experience research
Customer satisfaction surveys
(Re)structuring of your facility organization
Logistical solutions and advice
Implementation of (new) facility products and services

What can you expect from our professionals?

A fresh outlook on your facility organization
A critical and analytic approach
High quality project management and a creative attitude
Complete unburdening tailored to your wishes
Demanded and unsolicited concrete and practical advises.

What if we start a project together?

You are welcome to approach us with any (facility) issue and/or question. In the initial phase we try to map out how we can be of assistance. The consultants work in a focused, structured and phased manner. Your requirements always form the foundation. We brainstorm with you starting from the first conversation. We support and advise you with custom solutions which fit your organization and project.

Fm Portal® Consultancy is always ready to assist you with your facility assignment which we will approach with knowledge and a professional attitude.


Contact us to discuss the possibilities: of +31 (0)71- 331 82 00

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