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Unburdening you with regards to Facility management starts here..

Facility Portal provides innovative solutions for all cases related to facility management. We joint-purchase all products and services via our platform Fm Portal® to provide total facility management. We do this under our labels Inkoop, Veiligheid, Milieu, Schoon and Consultancy.

Facility Portal unburdens your business and non-profit organization for the best price. This enables you to focus all of your energy on your core business.

We are ready!

Our Labels

The labels below provide you with access to all conceivable facility products and services.

Fm Portal Milieu® has all the knowledge and expertise in the field of waste and helps organizations collect and separate waste in the most optimal form.

Due to a large joint purchasing volume, Fm Portal Inkoop® offers the possibility to purchase products and services as optimally as possible, saving time and money.

Fm Portal Schoon® is a unique (management) concept with which we can unburden organizations from A to Z in the field of cleaning.

Fm Portal Security® knows everything about fire and burglary security and manages and organizes this for organizations in an involved and expert manner.

Fm Portal Consultancy® can be used for all large or small facility projects, whether it concerns advice, project guidance or the temporary filling of a position.

Fm Portal Energy Transition helps you with the integral sustainability of your organisation. Whether it’s about the competitive procurement of green energy, LED lighting, PV panels, more sustainable buildings, charging stations, or an electric fleet that runs on self-generated solar power.

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