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Why Fm Portal® Veiligheid?

No one wants a fire or burglary. Did you know it takes about 15 minutes for a firefighting team to be ‘extinguish’ ready at a location? In the time in between you need to be able to take action yourself. A solid fire safety plan is therefore  indispensable.

A burglary is also an impactful situation, that can result in significant financial and materials damages. Preventative measures are a must to minimalize the risk of burglary and in the worst case limit the damage that can be caused. Examples of solutions include an alarm system, outside lighting and solid locking systems. 100% safety is impossible to realize, but Facility Portal will do everything to get as close as possible. Together with you and Fm Portal® Veiligheid.

Unburdening and saving

Fm Portal® Veiligheid organizes and maintains fire and burglary safety for businesses and organizations in a dedicated and knowledgeable manner. We strive to unburden you on all safety aspects. By joint-purchasing we can realize significant cost savings. Decent safety solutions will therefore be available for a very reasonable price.

Custom solutions

It goes without saying that we work by obliging to all applicable laws and safety regulations, but that’s not all. Safety does not stop by placing a fire extinguisher or installing an alarm system. A school is not an office building and every school building is also different. Custom solutions are a must. This is exactly what the advisors of Facility Portal can offer you.


To start with, consultants of Fm Portal® Veiligheid will perform a safety scan within your organization. Next to the fire and burglary safety, they will also take the general safety of the occupants of the building into consideration. How is the access to emergency exits and escape routes? Do all employees know what is expected of them during an evacuation?

A custom plan

Based on the outcomes of the scan we will construct a plan to bring and maintain the safety within your organization at the required level. In doing this we also take the costs into consideration by evaluating your contracts with suppliers. Some examples of the areas in which we deliver products and services:

Extinguishing products
Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)
Anti-burglary systems
NEN 3140-certification
Emergency lighting
Private Emergency Exchange
Inventory of risks and evaluation
Surveillance services
Total package

The variety of aspects can be selected in any combination based on your preferences. An example is baseline inspections, NEN-certifications, Certification Fire Protected Building, licenses and (digital) maintenance.


After the stock-taking process we guarantee the requested levels of safety by continuous inspections via our maintenance model and yearly evaluation. Our experts can advise you with regards to cost savings and maintenance, but can also guide you in the implementation of processes. They will proactively oblige with all rules, regulations and laws. When possible they will seek to cooperate with your current suppliers.


Contact us to discuss the possibilities: of +31 (0)71- 331 82 00

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