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Fm Portal® Energy Transition

Smart entrepreneurs are already serious about becoming more sustainable. After all, the trend is clear. Governments are demanding more and more in terms of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency and now climate adaptation has been added to this list. Market parties such as banks and insurers are now using a green yardstick. But smart sustainability also offers opportunities! You save on your energy costs, sustainable property retains its value and an honest green image has social and marketing value.

FM Portal® Energy Transition helps you with:

Provision of energy labels
Sharp purchasing of real green energy
Meter and (flow) capacity analysis
Monitoring of energy flows
Energy tax refunds
Invoice control
Products and measures:
Solar (panels) installations
Green (sedum) roofs
Charging stations
Advice on electrification of vehicle fleet
Rainwater collection / grey water
Building installations (central heating – heating – ventilation)
Insulation of buildings (roof-floor-wall-glass)
Subsidy including RVO schemes
Energy label for buildings

Monitoring of energy consumption

Making good decisions is done on the basis of the right data. Fm Portal Energy Transition gives you better insight into your consumption in a user-friendly way. If something is wrong, you receive an alert. Where are the energy guzzlers? Which measures yield the most benefit? And based on the measurement data for an entire year, you can make the right strategic decisions for the long term.

Making buildings sustainable

Sustainable buildings retain their value. But making real estate more sustainable is a custom job. There are important local differences to take into account, such as the presence of a heat network, the capacity of the electricity grid, climate adaptation issues (water storage, heat stress in summer, subsidence) and so on. And, of course, every organization has its own sustainability ambitions. Will it be a case of slashing costs, or are you really going for green? Whatever your ambition level is, Fm Portal Energie Transitie helps you to create an integral sustainability plan. This way you are well prepared for the future.


Generating your own solar power and storing it directly in the batteries of your electric cars. This may seem like a big step, but it is an extremely efficient way to green your organization. There is no load on the electricity grid and hardly any loss through conversion. And in the winter, you just keep on running on the green power that you purchase competitively from Fm Portal Energie Transitie. Want to know more? Please contact our advisors.


We think along with you and your organization:
– 1 fixed contact person, short communication
– Energy consultants who have knowledge of the market and sustainability
– CSR is highly valued within our organization

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities: or +31 (0)71- 331 88 00

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