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Facility Portal The Netherlands

We are a purchase, advisory and project management organization focused on the facility management industry with demonstrable experience in purchasing, sustainability, facility management and project management. With the purchasing label Fm Portal® we offer both profit and non-profit organizations a wide and flexible service package with a national coverage.

What can we do for your organization?

All services around your core business can be taken care of via our all inclusive concept Fm Portal®. We offer custom tailored solutions with a modern system of both a temporary and structural nature; you decide what is necessary and we adjust. We coordinate and maintain the services on your behalf; even if it is just one service that you require. We go a step further than what is agreed upon on paper!

Thinking with a facility management mindset is in our nature; our facility senses are always on. During a tour of a client’s property it is common for us to signal technical and unhygienic situations which could potentially be dangerous. We always do a total facility inspection when visiting locations. Customers find it refreshing when we present our findings and are happy to engage with us in order to find the best possible solution.

Team Facility Portal

Thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of our professional team we can deliver outstanding service to our Customers on a daily basis. Together we:

work continuously on improving our market knowledge and skillset;
anticipate continuously changing needs of our Customers;
adapt to developments in the market;
maintain good relationships with our Customers, suppliers and other professionals in our field.
Always profitable

Together with our suppliers and other partners we close beneficial contracts and joint-purchase all of ours products and services in an efficient manner. By doing it this way we create a win-win situation for our Customers. We deliver value for money with favorable prices but with a strong emphasis on the quality and added value of the services and products we deliver. Taking responsibility for tasks and issues that are not part of the core-business of our Customers is what is important to us.

We work for

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