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From then until now

In 2002 the Fm Portal® concept was founded from the simple but effective idea of linking the supply and demand of facility services. This resulted in a market place of expertise and purchasing volume that both suppliers and Customers benefit from.

Initiative takers as well as current directors Rene Koenen and Ruud Herkstroter started this concept on a small scale targeting local business compounds by collectively purchasing and managing facility services and products for all businesses on the terrain. Through the years Fm Portal® matured and went from regional business compounds to a variety of customer types located throughout the Netherlands. The concept remained the same, because why would you change something that works so well?

Our focus points:

  • We focus on continuity and improvement of the quality delivered
  • The high quality of our services delivered together with the wishes of a client are what results in our shared success
  • We want to be the best partner for our customers with regards to facility management purchasing, advice and project management

  • We strive for an optimal and long lasting partnership between employees, suppliers and customers
  • We strive to deliver a service via Fm Portal® that unburdens and saves you money
  • We value sustainability and corporate social responbility, combined with innovative solutions and flexibility
  • We can act quickly, appreciate transparent and clear communication
  • We are true to our word
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